Quick Hitters: The ABC’s of non-singles R-W

“Grand Funk Railroad paved the way for Jefferson airplane, which cleared the way for Jefferson starship. The stage was now set for the Alan Parsons project, which I believe was some sort of hovercraft”



Real Estate-Easy

The opening track of their album, Days. It’s a vintage Real Easte Song; freely flowing but with a nice little hook. They have a way with coming up with choruses that feature Martin Courtney’s vocals blending in well with the subtle yet effective instrumentals that Real Estate provides.




Smashing Pumpkins-Geek USA

A longer, more heavier hitting version of another Siamese Dream track, “Quiet”. They have somewhat similar guitar riffs; the ones that made that whole album remarkable. But I like the way this tracks mixes with the pacing and goes from a fast, percussion driven song to a slower, head-rocking masher all within a matter of seconds. While it may not have the luster as “Today” or “Cherub Rock”, Geek USA was just as important to that album as any other track that was more featured on it.




Third Eye Blind-Graduate

I think the main reason this song didn’t receive hardly any radio play was because it was on an album that had countless other singles on it. If it hadn’t been on their breakout self-titled album, it likely would be more recognized. It’s nothing much different than everything else they’ve done, but you have like the angsty yet smooth tune this song carries. Stephan Jenkins delivers his noticeable style and along with some good lyrics, this made for another quality release on an album already chalked full of them.




Urge Overkill-Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon

I’ll admit that I know no other songs by this group. And I’m willing to bet this song did receive some airplay back in ’92 when it was released. However, I’m putting it in this posting for two reasons. One, there are few bands that start with “U” and two, even though you might recognize this song from “Pulp Fiction”, it’s unlikely you recognize this group. So perhaps you’re being reintroduced to this classic or you’re hearing it for the first time which works just as well.




Veruca Salt-Fosythia

This song starts out really chill but progressively gets heavier and concludes with a sweet guitar solo and chorus. Then it ends just the way it began. It’s the guitar/bass combo that makes this song stick out as vocalist Nina Gordon doesn’t seem to put much feeling into her vocals on this track. But I think that’s what the band was going for with this one and you’re left with a under the radar, cool song that doesn’t sound like it’s trying too hard.




Wavves-Nodding Off (featuring Best Coast)

My favorite song by this group was a collaboration effort that ended up appearing on the album Life Sux. “Nodding Off” has an amped up intro and the song never really lets up from there. The chorus is extremely catchy and the guitar solo kicks in just at the right time toward the closing of the song @2:40. My only complaint is that it’s ends abruptly making it too short in my opinion.



What I’m Listening To…

This edition will feature some punk, or lo-fi acts which we can all agree are still a welcome presence on the indie scene. There’s one well esatblished group along with a couple that are all fairly new, up and coming artists. If you’ve had some angst as of recent that you’re looking to unleash, this is a good medium in which to do it through. Although you may be be inclined to think the opposite, I find this music to be of a calming nature. It serves as a way to vent the day-to-day stresses we all presumably face.

just don't know

No Age-C’mon Stimmung

One of the rather unusual song titles I’ve come across in my lifetime. The song delivers quite nicely. I love punk songs that start off with a false intro and then start going at the drop of a hat. This pulls it off nicely and features some fuzzy guitars and a obscure effect (@1:11 guitar, keyboard?) that really drives the song.

Wavves-Sail to the Sun

A band that I still curse myself for not seeing live when I had the chance, Wavves, is the next artist I’d like to showcase. They’re from California and they’re a top group in Indie. Now with their feet effectively wet upon the release of a few albums, these artists seem poised to watch their careers really take off; and their last album, Afraid of Heights, is proof of that. The song I’ve posted is off that album. Few lyrics, and they appear to be about partnership in drug use and/or living a highly impulsive lifestyle. The vocals and beginning bass-line are the best parts of the song, I believe. Nathan Williams delivers some of the best vocals punk has to offer; very clear and loud while not coming across as screamo.


Punk Rock Selfie…well, it’s still Punk!


Bad Religion-Them and Us

Definitely an oldie but for sure one of the bands that helped define genre. The guitar melodies throughout are what propel this song as I’ve never been too high on Greg Graffin’s vocals. They use their vocal harmony that they’re known for and put it into this song quite well. This is a classic and one I hope you’ll enjoy. If you do, be sure to check out some of their other tracks from that album, The Grey Race.