Artist Profile: Kurt Vile

No…that’s not Weird Al Yankovich. This gentleman has plenty of musical talent and all of his work is original, no food-based parodies to be found. His name is Kurt Vile, a rocker from Philly who used to be a member of the indie group The War on Drugs. I’m not typically a big fan of the more down-tempo solo acts that are out there, but Kurt has this ability to create catchy vocals and use of his rich, signature vocals  has always had me interested in his work.

The first song I’ve posted is one of Kurt’s more recent releases. “Never Run Away” is an easy listen and features some features some intriguing vocals and lyrics. The instrumentals have been revamped from the original release and sound great as well. A notable part for in this song track  is the keyboards @0:49 (definitely a break from the usual for Kurt). A great introduction if you’ve never heard from this artist before.

Up next is “In My Time”. It was actually the first Kurt Vile song that I ever heard. It’s a progressive, straight from the heart kind of song. Extremely well written is how I would describe it.  My only complaint is that the solos are too short. The song starts to fade out at the beginning o f the 2nd guitar solo (which is probably my favorite part).  The first one comes in @ 1:36. Fabulous song overall, see what you think.

“Jesus Fever” is another song I’ve recently gotten into. It’s off the same album as “In My Time”, Smoke Ring For My Halo. The guitar is exceptional in this piece. The song goes in a different direction than most of Vile’s work but has a carefree, hip mood to it. The lyrics appear to describe someone who’s beyond saving. Sad outlook, indeed, but it does make for a good track.