Artist Profile: Charli XCX


Charli XCX, or Charlotte Aitchinson, is not an easy artist to classify. She’s unique and very talented, no doubt. I would label her music as future pop. The best features that comprise her music would be plentiful synths, original electronic effects, and her accent that is apparent in her vocals (easily stands out the most). I shouldn’t be surprised, she does hail from England, after all. Still, many foreign artists are not distinguishable from their American counterparts just going off of their vocals. Although she’s very physically attractive as it is, her thick accent adds even more to her appeal (Lily Allen also has this quality). If you’re into this sampling of her music, her latest album, True Romance, is definitely worth a look.

The first song posted is simply titled “You-Ha Ha Ha”. It’s one of her more played tracks and serves as a great intro to her work. You’re immediately introduced to some of the trendy effects that exemplify her music. One staple of her music is her vocal style differing a lot within the same song. In this song, she mainly sticks to singing melodically along with a monologue @ 2:13. My favorite part is the bridge at 0:28 and the subsequent lyrics “Cause I know you struggle, Choke when you see love grow.” The chorus is actually the weak point for me due to the lyrics that lack a message, she does pull off the “Ha, Ha, Ha” in it rather nicely, though.

I can’t get enough of this next song. It’s called “Nuclear Seasons”. She has taken upon herself to compare her troublesome relationship to nuclear warfare…I like it! You may have to listen closely or look up her lyrics to see this as her accent and vocal style lead to her pronouncing some of words/phrases quite hastily. It sounds great, however, and when you pair that with very creative vocal effect that accompanies the chorus (@ 0:56), you have the makings of a dream-pop masterpiece. The music video also deserves some recognition, her jerky and disjointed dance moves combined with all the visual effects are a refreshing change of pace from this garbage like this.

“What I Like” is perhaps the most experimental track of the three I have posted. It features a few different styles of Charli XXC’s vocals. She goes from fast paced with repetitive lyrics that kind of sounds like rapping, to a cool, monotone style which carries the mood of I don’t give a fuck, and also features her singing melodically. After a fast paced intro, the track slows down significantly and has plenty of hooks. It’s more relaxed than some of her other work and does not require much thought in order to enjoy. The lyrics are hokey but don’t get in the way of it being a good song…just enjoy it for what it is.

If I didn’t recognize her, I’d be scared that she was a back-up dancer for Olivia Newton John and a “Physical” video was gonna break out