What I’m Listening To…

1. GFOTY-Bobby

I could not tell you what the acronym that this group goes by stands for. I could tell you little else about them other than they have a fresh new track called “Bobby” that is very easy on the ears. As long as you don’t mind a heavy dosage of electronics and a semi-sing talking method of vocal delivery, I’m sure you’ll find this song very catchy. Going off of the lyrics, it appears the singer is going through a break-up…a regrettable predicament indeed but a classic idea to build a song around. The final lyrics reveal her final disposition, put out there simply as “basically, I’m over it”. Basically, I think this song is fantabulous


In the absence of an actual photo, I would like to think this is what my viewers envision me as in person


2. Sisyphus-Rhythm of Devotion

As I’ve described on this blog before,  a great rap song has a lot going for it besides just the laying down of some sick rhymes. Mainly, a quality offering of instrumentals will accentuate the track and make it a more complete work of music. “Rhythm of Devotion” does just that. It’s a great mix of hard hitting beats/rapping and some chill instrumentals/electronic effects. The song gets noticeably more down-tempo @ 2:00 where the softer instruments take the front stage accompanied by some more relaxed, traditional vocals. I’m excited to see what else this hip new group, Sisyphus, comes out with. They’re a group to keep you’re eye on for sure.



3. The Used-Cry

It’s been awhile since I’ve heard a song I liked by this group. While I respect what they’re all about and how successful they’ve been, I typically couldn’t get into most of their work. I don’t mind screaming in music but it seems like these guys relied on it a ton in some of their earlier work. Not the case here; it’s a very straight forward piece of work that focuses on their instrumental and vocal strengths. One plus from their earlier works, however, is that they have one of my favorite lyrics in any song ever “you bleed just like you puke while running the mile”. That is grotesque, I realize, but it does hold some truth in that having to run the mile for PE class was a little too much for some to handle back in the day (mainly the dudes who chose smoking in their van over regular physical activity). I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this new single by the The Used