Artist Profile: CHVRCHES

This edition’s artist you’ll notice elects to spell their name rather unusually. I read they did this in order to not be confused with the very widely used word that stands for a religious body of people. I understand this methodology (although I think they may have created just as much confusion anyway), but why on earth would they use a “V” in place of the omitted vowel? The only conclusion I can come to is that it would look cool. If given the same task of finding an alternate spelling, a more simple-minded person like myself would have added an “n” after the “r” or something…we’d call ourselves Chrurnches…and we’d sell zero records.

Onto the music. I first heard CHVRCHES and they quickly reminded me of Purity Ring, another one of my favorite artists. The similarities lie mostly in the electronic rhythms and the digitally enhanced vocal effects. Purity Ring gives off more of a hip-hop/R & B feel  while CHVRCHES sounds more poppy/techno. Both groups’ songs are very danceable, though. CHVRCHES hails from Scotland (also home of alternative acts  such as Twin Atlantic and Biffy Clyro) The first song I heard from CHVRCHES was “Mother We Share.” The standout feature is probably the vocal echo effect of Lauren Mayberry. They do an excellent job of varying it and mixing it so it never gets repetitive despite there only being a few different forms of “Oh” that are used. From what I can gather, the song about is about a duo that finds themselves with a uphill battle before them (no idea of what, it doesn’t appear the nature of the problem is ever mentioned). All they need to do is remember the mother they share and that it will carry them through the struggles. The best part of the song is the concluding chorus and aforementioned echo effect @2:24. Please leave your comments on this song at the bottom of the page.

Up next is my favorite of the few songs released by CHVRCHES in their young career. “Lies” is a very upbeat, trendy new song that has a future pop sound to it. Mayberry’s vocal and the mixing effort on this sing are top-notch. It’s hard not to get excited when listening to this song. The song has a killer intro and Mayberry’s thick accent is apparent early on. Upon reading the lyrics, the song is mainly about Mayberry’s ability to sway many with her deception. And it’s not just a select group of people either, she can sell her lies to ANYONE! ANYONE! ANYONE! @1:07-It’s my favorite part of the track…right along with the unique sound effects that blend perfectly with all the other instrumentals. This number is probably the catchiest of CHVRCHES’ offerings so far, see what you think.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the previous two songs because I’m afraid I have some bad news. This next one in addition to the previous two are the only tracks CHVRCHES have released so far. The target date for the album is around May sometime, I believe. “Recover” is the last song currently available. It is a fun little number. It does possess some similar qualities to “Mother We  Share” but is unique in its own right. Part of the lyrics sound like she’s offering up a math problem or some type of riddle.She loses me there as math was never my strength. Fortunately, arithmetic skills are not needed to enjoy the soothing synths that “Recover” features.