What I’m Listening To…

Heems-Home ft. Dev Hynes

1/2 of the former rap group Das Rascist, Heems is now releasing some (mostly) solo work. While a lot of their tracks have a humorous quality (like this), this is a rare serious offering from them.  While the song carries a negative vibe, it has a relaxing quality. And there is a still a comedic presence in it by way of an R. Kelly lyric. “Shawty quit your bitchin’, be my remix to ignition”…Marvelous



Health-New Coke

A group that I discovered through hearing their score from a a video game is Health (best song here).  They’re an L.A. based group and what makes them stick out is their heavy use of electronics. They definitely don’t do house or dance music, however. Their aggressive and heavy beats give them more of an industrial sound. This is a classic example of a song of building up to a climax. The video they shot for it matches that perfectly. I posted it but I’ll warn you, it does have some shock value as there’s a rather graphic sequence starting at the 1:30 mark. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s NSFW but it can be unsettling to those with a weak stomach. I prefer this version however as it is condensed and features an outro that serves as an alleviating come down from the climax.



White Reaper-Make Me Wanna Die

A peppy yet dark track is by White Reaper. Think a classic, fast-paced garage rock sound with invigorating vocals and “Make Me Wanna Die” fits the bill perfectly. Overall, it’s a very fun track that makes a statement that punk rock is still alive in this time of mainstream  pop, folk, and electronic music typically topping the charts.




What I’m Listening To…


1. Beverly-Honey Do

This is a new band headlined by the fabled Frankie Rose. She was a former member of Dum Dum Girls and has released a fair share of solo works. For Beverly, she teamed up with Drew Citron. To my knowledge, “Honey Do”  is the only track they have released to the general pubic. After one listen, I’m already wanting more. The guitar gets you into it right off the bat. While it features solid guitar playing, it’s the vocals of these two that stand out to me. They are harmonic and smoky during the verses, they switch to apathetic during the chorus. It’s seems like it would be an odd transition but they pull it off perfectly. It could probably be the theme song for April Ludgate from “Parks and Recreation”



2. FKA Twigs-Papi Pacify

Not gonna beat around the bush. Some bands creep me out. This would be one of them. However, they make a killer R & B track. Those who are looking for a a dark, yet intriguing number; look no further than “Papi Pacify”. It’s starts out slow and rather ho-hum with simple lyrics. I think the point of the beginning is to lull you into being bored until a dramatic shift in musical direction (@1:50). The strength of the song is the transitions. The synth lines lay down a thick, rap-like beat. Give this one at least a couple of listens before you form your opinion on it.

3.Vampire Weekend-Step (Remix featuring Danny Brown, Heems, and Despot)

It’s not really possible to generate more buzz than Vampire Weekend’s latest album Modern Vampires of the City did. It’s funny with Danny Brown taking a romantic sounding song and inserts some not so lovey-dovey lyrics. It works, though. The songs moves along well and they do make sure to include some of the original vocals in at the end. I dislike it when a remix is made that doesn’t pay homage to the original song.

Step Remix-Vampire Weekend