What I’m Listening To…

1. Mr Little Jeans-Good Mistake


This is a band I almost never hear on the radio. I don’t know why; they have quite a few great songs (including thisĀ  Arcade Fire cover here). Gotta love the instrumentals in this one. As always, great vocals by Monica Birkenes. These two things combine together create a relaxing and cool vibe. It’s the kind of sound that few other groups can replicate.




2. San Fermin-Bar


Very simple name; yet an interestingly complex, magnificent song. This band is not your typical alternative group. They more utilize horn instruments, piano, and it sounds like there’s some violin thrown in there as well. The lyrics and vocal manner in which they’re sung are beyond amazing. It appears to be a tune with a very deep meaning. Don’t let the pic below fool you (that’s a mean lookin’ bastard of a bull BTW), this is a very pleasant and meaningful track



3. Aphex Twin-Minipops 67


It’s EXTREMELY difficult to top the beats provided by the enigmatic artist Aphex Twin. He’s foreign, it’s been 10 years since his last album…and he comes roaring back with this insanely catchy and hip track. Be ready to be hit with a full range of instrumentals that are blended together perfectly. Not necessarily a song you would dance or chill out to, it resides somewhere in between those two genres. That said, it’s completely fucking awesome and I’m thinking you’ll dig it after the first listen.