Quick Hitters: The ABC’s of non-singles F-K

Best be packin’ your beats for these tracks




Foo Fighters-Halo

Again, probably my favorite song on the album and most of the general public hasn’t heard it. Although, I’ll add that part of the allure of a great song that most people don’t know about is…the fact that most people don’t know about it. It almost makes the track have a more personal feel when you discovered it on your own without the help of the radio/web. One could argue this is a knock-off of “Times Like These”, another great song off the album. But “Halo” boasts some great verses and some very good lyrics.




Green Day-Letterbomb

Track number ten on their legendary album, American Idiot, “Letterbomb” is yet another great song that made the album the 2005 rock album of the year (along with getting ALBUM of the year nominations as well). It’s a fast paced, peppy song that still has a heavy side to it. As always, Billie Joe’s enthusiastic and energizing vocals are the mainstay of this song, it features many exhilarating guitar riffs. My favorite part starts @2:42, a killer bridge that leads into the final chorus.




Even though this song somewhat reeks of mainstreamedness, it’s has an obscure sound to it at the same time. The song did receive a little airplay but most people probably haven’t heard it in a long time. The lyrics are nothing are nothing special but the vocals are great. Doug Robb’s is at his best during the woah-woah-woah-oh-oh-oh’s and subsequent chorus roughly around the 2:03 mark.



I Break Horses-Load Your Eyes


This is going to surely be one of the more lesser known bands on this post. Unless you keep up with the indie/electronic scene, then there is zero chance you’ve heard of I Break Horses. Lucky you, as you are about to be exposed to a stream of awesomeness the likes of which have never been seen before! Okay…I may over-hyping them just a tad. I’ll let their music do the talking, the sequence that begins @the 3:00 mark is unparalleled. Enjoy the trip




Jimmy Eat World-Authority Song


An fun, upbeat song that features vintage Jimmy Eat World guitar riffs. I’ve always enjoyed the backing vocals of their songs as well. The female whose name I haven’t been able to pinpoint, has a voice that contrasts/complements lead vocalist Jim Adkins exceptionally well. This was on one of the bands first albums, self-titled. It also has some funny lyrics, and is worth a look.




The Knife-We Share Our Mothers Health


An indie-electronic staple, The Knife makes their appearance on this list. A Swedish group, they have a knack for taking quirky sounding instrumentals and mixing them together for an invigorating melody. While they have almost a tropical island beat to them because of the different percussion elements, “We Share Our Mothers Health” has more of an industrial feel to it. I think you’ll see what I mean after listening. The vocals aren’t all that inviting, but after a few listens, you’ll realize that that’s the beauty of it. That combined with all of the other vocal effects makes for an obscure ride into indie electronic greatness.


Artist Profile: Creed

The other day I was driving home and listening to a “hard rock station.” I tend to be underwhelmed by the quality of discourse exhibited by dj’s on these types of stations. They seem like normal, down to earth people. But most of them are a lot alike and they usually have almost nothing of interest to say. On this day, on this particular show, Creed and their former front man Scott Stapp became the topic of discussion and I was drawn in like any other train wreck that would garner the attention of onlookers. Stapp was in studio and conducted an interview where he was surprisingly amiable and non-conceited. At the conclusion of the interview, they played one of his latest releases as a solo artist.

I mean seriously, just look at this fuckin’ album cover. If there’s some religious meaning to it that I’m missing then I retract the following statement but this has got to be the hokiest fucking thing I’ve ever seen! Let’s have some dude etch the image of our band into this tree, yeah, good call Scott

I listened to it for about one minute and that was all I could take. I really think this guy needs to hang it up; there’s no reason for him to continue making music. This song he did for the Florida Marlins a few years ago is the only argument I need. But if nothing else, it did remind me of a time when Creed was good, for at least album anyway. Creed was one of those slightly uncommon groups in which their first album was their best. It only seemed to get progressively worse until it was confirmed that they entered suckdom with this little number…uh (shudder), still gives me nightmares. That album was My Own Prison.  Upon its release, it was unique, it hit hard, and almost every song on the album was a good effort by this new and relatively unknown group.

1. Torn

The first track off of it, “Torn”, is my personal favorite. The title track, “My Own Prison” or “What’s This Life For” are the songs that probably received the most public acclaim and rightfully so. I seem to enjoy the pessimistic nature of “Torn”, from within the lyrics, the melody, and the whimsical backing vocals by Stapp, it’s clearly present in it and it’s  so much better than the campy, feel-good, born again complete garbage they would later release.  I’m not trying to be a guy that basks in another guy’s pain and agony but it was these types of songs that ACTUALLY HAD SOME MEANING and it was partly because of the suffering the vocalist relays to the listener.


2. Bullets

The next song is what I believe to be the lone bright spot on the album Weathered. The first few times I heard it, it didn’t even sound like a Creed song. Other than Scott Stapp’s vocals, which are admittedly raw here, it has a much more fast paced, grittier sound to it. The chorus is what makes this track special, especially the backing vocals declaring the powerful lyric “look at me when shoot a bullet through my head”. Not to get all morbid on you but it definitely makes a statement. Because yet again, the actual music video is a joke (These gentlemen describe the thought processes that go into another genius Creed video), I linked a fan made video which contains scenes from the movie “The Dark Knight”. Not quite sure what the connection is, but it works okay.


3. My Sacrifice

Well, it couldn’t all be praise for this group. I hope you haven’t eaten recently because there’s a GREAT chance you’ll lose your lunch after watching this fucking abomination of a video. This video could serve as a perfect example why music videos shouldn’t be made. The song isn’t really all that bad, it does sound similar to “Higher” but by itself it’s semi-listenable. The problem is that when it’s coupled with the music video, you have what is likely to be considered the biggest piece of shit known to mankind.

It starts out with a very cliche old guy feeding birds, reflecting on his life, I suppose. Then they zoom in through his eye to some other world (That’s another thing, what is it with Creed videos and taking shots of going through peoples’ eyes…they do the same exact thing in their “Higher” video). Well, this world is complete with Stapp riding on some boat, acting completely indifferent to everything around him. Even thought there’s things like his band playing their instruments through water, challenging the laws of physics in an effort to look badass; some girl in a  swimsuit smiling at him, a sullen mailman delivering letters to a bunch of hands underwater (oh, nevermind that these people are probably FUCKING DROWNING, they still need to get their mail first, that’s the top priority). The best part is…all this craptacular drama goes down within THE FIRST MINUTE!

No, Stapp merely gives people smug stares and focuses on singing this crappy song. One mysterious hand grabs his attention and for just a moment, Stapp appears like he’s going to do something noble and rescue one of the people who is drowning. But as he pulls the guy out, you see that it’s a fucking Stapp clone and just goes to show that this guy really is in love with himself. They share a very heartfelt moment and continue singing the chorus together as some way of bonding, I guess. Meanwhile I can’t wait for this garbage to be over with…not really sure what is his sacrifice is. You could argue that he’s sacrificing the band’s dignity by unleashing this filth to the general public, but other than that, I’m not really sure. The video ends by him hugging some random child to show his empathy and then, you guessed it, he turns into the old man. Storybook Creed music video ending. All is well in the world and Creed remains one of the most important figures in rock music, nay, all of modern culture in this day and age. See for yourself



I know I sound like a whiny bitch throughout most of this post but if you actually took the time and watched that last video I posted, I think you’ll see my arguments are justified. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a happy person but the fact that some people out there had the stones to create tripe like this and call it “art” is more than I can stomach at this point. My lesson learned from all of this is focus on the music and don’t let any bands “vision” or self-image sway your opinion on their music. Enjoy it for what it is.