Artist Profile: Cold Cave

Today’s focus is on a electronic pop act know as Cold Cave. What drew me to this band was the eerie similarity in vocals  between front man/songwriter Wesley Eisold and Joy Division’s Ian Curtis. In fact, there also appears to be a resemblance between the musical style of both groups. In contrast, Cold Cave has the synth element which did not really exist back in ’76, but other than that, the groups sound very similar to me. And I dig it immensely…

“A Little Death to Laugh” is the first track I’ll delve into for this unique group. It’s a haunting track that has a negative vibe right in the beginning. The expertly mixed keyboard and array of electronic effects are at the core of this song, but I feel it’s Eisold’s chilling vocals and lyrics that stick the most for me in this song. It’s a great studio performance that constantly varies the instrumentals with my favorite sequence coming in @ 1:41. This will likely be hit or miss for a lot of y’all but if this one’s not for you, you may still like some of their other offerings posted below

“Life Magazine” is my favorite song by Cold Cave. Although it’s the least Joy Division-sounding of their work, it’s songs like this (along with Confetti) that give Cold Cave its own identity. It starts outs with a catchy, fuzzy electro beat  that contains a redeeming baseline for the final measure before the vocals kick in. Some echo effects are mixed in along with the lead female vocalist’s singing. I was unable to find out her name (and I looked for like, almost ten minutes) and she does not appear in any of Eisold’s other work that I’ve ever listened to. Regardless, she sounds transcendent in “Life Magazine.” That said, she is a nice change of pace from Eisold’s gloomy singing style. This song is a pure work of art and is the best platform to show off Cold Cave’s range and why they are one of the top indie acts in the biz right now.

That is one scary looking dude…he gives off a look that says “wait, please let me fix my collar….there, now I can carry out my original plan to MURDER YOU!” Don’t worry, sometimes musical greatness just comes in slightly different looking packages.

Yet another high energy, feel good song by Cold Cave comes in the form of “Oceans With No End”. It’s upbeat and rocks harder (@2:53) than a lot of their other work. Despite this, it still has a vintage 80’s new wave feel to due to the optimistic lyrics, “Waiting for the world to take me anywhere,” and  “I love my life,” for example. The best part of the song is done in a sequence starting @2:53 which includes a killer guitar riff and some muffled, hard to comprehend lyrics by Eisold. To top it off, there’s a cool video game sounding outro to wrap things up. I hope that “Oceans With No End” is a metaphor for what we can expect from Cold Cave. There a hip new group yet they’re keeping the momentum started by groups like  Joy Division, New Order, and The Smiths alive and well. Oh, and one last thing, I didn’t know Steve McQueen was in this band…the figure in the still below would sure suggest that.