Quick Hitters: almost summer


In honor of the greatest season of all, it’s time to look ahead and use songs that have already been released to bring in the summer full force. These are all tunes that have a female lead vocalist along with a lo-Fi sound, which is perfect for summer.

Best Coast-Feeling Ok


The first is “Feeling Ok” by Best Coast. Best Coast is one of my personal favorites.  This has been the case since I heard their album Crazy for You which featured classics like “Boyfriend”, “When I’m With You”, and the title track. While their sound has evolved from a vintage lo-fi act to a more polished, contemporary style; they still feature catchy guitar riffs and Bethany Constantino’s vocals seem to have more range than on previously recorder tracks. This song is a prime example of that.


Alvvays-Adult Diversion

Another band that gives off a summer vibe with their sound is Alvvays. Taking a page out of CHVRCHES book with the purposely incorrect spelling of their name, Alvvays has made their presence known in the indie scene lately. They join Mac Demarco and Purity Ring as another of my favorite bands that hails from Canada. Adult Diversion is a peppy, evenly flowing track with an equally satisfying verse-chorus combo. It also features some thoughtful lyrics which makes this band stand out to me.



Beverly-You Can’t Get It Right


Simply cannot get enough of this band. The dynamic usage of guitar featured by this group is so powerful. The parts during the bridge and in-between the chorus is where it really shines (@1:29). Drew Citron and Frankie Rose’s vocals pair together exceptionally well yet again for this track. This side project has unlimited potential and I can only hope that we hear news of another album in the works soon.




Quick Hitters: Summer Jams

Summer is here, and with that comes the absence of poor weather outside of the occasional spell of sweltering heat or pouring rain. For me, everything seems to be better in the summer. Lots of activities to do, longer periods of daylight, and of course many outdoor live shows to catch. One of note that I plan to see on July 29 is Fitz and The Tantrums at the Simon Estes Ampitheater in Des Moines. This is part of their Nitefall on the River series.


But if you’re like me, you don’t need a band playing in front of you to enjoy the great summer vibe. You can enjoy life just as much out on your deck, with some friends, and some tunes that capture the positive waves that summer sets out. I’ll post three songs here that I think do this quite well. Hopefully they’ll get your summer started off on the right foot…and maybe it’ll even bring back a few cherished memories like…



Wow, that got dark quickly.


1. Metric-Stadium Love (Che Andre Remix)

A much more chill version than the original. This is a remix of a song off of one of my favorite albums, Fantasies. The original is a much grittier, while still fun, track. This takes the original lyrics and puts a more acoustic, summery feel to it.



2. Junior Prom-Sheila Put the Knife Down

A lot of swearing, a violent theme…this is still one of the more jubilant sounding tracks I’ve heard in recent memory. Given the nature of this song and the name of the band, I have a bad feeling these guys may be headed toward one-hit wonder territory. Hopefully I’m wrong. Sheila put the knife down is a peppy, upbeat track filled with lots of good synths and and great guitar bit @2:23.




3. Best Coast-Who Have I Become

While I am a big fan of this group, I used to think that not much thought went into writing their songs, especially the lyrics. This song made that mindset go away quickly. Most of Best Coast’s songs are pretty short but this track clocks in just under 5 minutes. It moves along well the entire time. It’s a thrill-ride that has some more complex guitar playing and lyrics than I’m used to hearing from this group. I really like the opening verse:

“Sometimes I hate myself for loving you…
And my dreams are just dramatic versions of
My real life.
And life is short, but so am I.
What does it matter anyway?
Just a small price that I pay to feel the same way every single day…
Every single day…”

Everything about this song is awesome, from Bethany Cosentino’s vocals to the guitar solo @3:33 all the way to the excellent outro that features some well placed backing vocals. I doubt you’ll have a hard time getting jacked for summer after giving this a listen.