What I’m Listening to…

1. Tennis-Mean Streets

No, the sport of tennis is not releasing indie tracks in an effort to boost ratings. That’s the name of a duo out of Colorado who have a sound that takes you back. But they’re also capable of putting a modern spin on their songs as well. Patrick Riley’s intricate guitar playing combined with Alaina Moore’s soothing vocals make for an entertaining listening experience. The song really gets good once Alaina voices the lyrics “Born and raised in these mean streets,That’s where she learned how to keep the beat, Some say that girl’s got something, I heard her name half a million times…” Trust me


Autre Ne Veut-Counting

I’d never heard of this artist until the prolific indie blog Gorilla Vs Bear introduced me to it. They really talked it up quite a bit, the album Anxiety is their #1 album of the year and two of the tracks from this album are in the website’s top three out of the top 100 songs of 2013. Be sure to check out both lists.

Back to Autre Ne Veut; you have to be at least semi-open to R & B. I used to be pretty against this genre but my tastes have evolved. It’ll take at least one listen and Arthur Ashin’s vocals were definitely unappealing at first but the instrumentals and beat of this song are what makes it a top pick of 2013. His voice grows on you quickly and when it all comes together, this song is something special.


3. Boards of Canada-Reach for the Dead

I don’t think it’s realistically possible to create a more relaxing few minutes than Boards of Canada manages to do. This song is maybe their best example yet. It’s off of their latest work Tomorrow’s Harvest. While this type of music probably wouldn’t be considered trance, it sure seems like that’s what it could likely put a person under because it’s just sooo chill. No more words need to spoken, listen and enjoy!